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  • ₱26,500.00

  • Available BDO, HSBC, BPI 0% installment: 3 x ₱8,833.33 PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS
    • 4 channel auto-detected HDMI inputs
    • 1×HDMI PGM output,1×HDMI multiview out, 1×USB type-C output
    • AUX output configurable and assignable
    • USB-C for capturing and streaming on PC
    • Clearly visible multiview & status page
    • Upstream key: Luma key, Chroma key, PIP×2/ POP
    • Downstream key and LOGO overlay
    • T-bar/ Auto/ Cut transitions; various effects: WIPE(9×2 patterns) / MIX/ DIP
    • Audio mixer: HDMI embedded audio and 2-Ch MIC/ line In; audio delay available
    • Media library: 49 default patterns, 16 imported images, 16 captured images, 2 color generators
    • LAN port for PC software remote control
    • FTB/ MUTE/ STILL/ GPIO for tally
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Product Information


Effect WIPE (9x2 patterns) MIX DIP STILL (freeze) PATTERN MUTE FTB
Input/Output 1×HDMI PGM output 1×HDMI multiview out, 1×USB type-C output 4xHDMI A Video Input 1x3.5mm Audio input
Scaled Output and Multiview
The switcher supports multi-format inputs including 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 576i and 480p HDMI signals and 2HDMI outputs can be used as AUX output that can select video source from HDMI 1-4, PVW, PGM or clean PGM. Output format can be up/down scaled. All camera settings, status and menu can be monitored via multi-view output.

USB Capture for Streaming
Connect the switcher to a computed with Windows 78/10, Mac OS via USB output and use software like OBS, PotPlayer, VMix, etc. to realize live streaming in Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.

The switcher supports chroma key and luma key, which is convenient for users to key off blue/green and black background colors for virtual studio or live even applications.

Transition Effects
There are WIPE (9x2 patterns), MIX and DIP transition effects available from the switcher. The transition effect works for switching via AUTO and T-Bar. User can also have transition without effect by switching via CUT.

The switcher has 2 PIP function that it can overlay 2 sub-screen into the PGM out. The size and position of sub-screen can be adjusted. User can also use POP to have two same-size screen overlay into PGM out.

Logo Overlay
User can add logo from USB flash drive into PGM. Logo size and position can be adjusted.

Powerful Media Management
The video switcher has a powerful built-in media management function with 49 preset patterns. User also can import image from USB flash drive or capture and store the screenshot image of HDMI 1 - 4, clean PGM or PGM.

Audio Mixing/AFV
The switcher can mix 4 HDMI embedded audio and 2 external analog audios (mic/line-level) into the PGM out. User can turn on/off or adjust volume and audio delay for each audio independently.

PC Control Software
A free PC control software can be downloaded from website. User can remotely control all settings of the device through the control software, including transition effects, audio configuration, multi-view settings and media management, etc.

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