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    • Uncompressed capture for live streaming, comply with UVC & UAC
    • 13.3 inch FHD IPS LCD monitor
    • 6 channel inputs:4×SDI & 2×HDMI
    • 1×USB type-C out, 2×SDI & 1×HDMI PGM out, 1×SDI & 1×HDMI multiview out
    • 1×SDI AUX output, can be selected as PGM or PVW
    • Multi-format input auto-detected and PGM outputs format selectable
    • T-Bar/ AUTO/ CUT transitions & Mix/ Fade/ Wipe transition effects
    • PIP mode size and position adjustable
    • Support audio MIXING and AFV mode
    • GPIO for Tally, FTB for emergency
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Product Information


Input/Output 4xSDI and 2xHDMI inputs 2xSDI and 1xHDMI PGM outputs 1xSI AUX output for PVW and PGM 1xSDI and 1xHDMI multiview output 1xUSB output
The Portable 6-Ch SDI/HDMI Multi-Format Streaming Switcher with 13.3" Display from AVMATRIX supports a mix of different resolutions and frame rates up to 1080p60 over two HDMI and four SDI auto-detecting inputs. The switcher provides a flexible solution for sports, events, education, and various other live production applications. All the signals can be scaled to 1080p60 or 1080i60 on PGM output, and you can switch between the sources and apply audio mixing and transition effects.

Featuring a USB 3.0 Type-C output, the switcher can also be connected to your Windows/Mac/Linux computer as if it was a webcam. You'll be able to stream connected video and audio signals to UVC/UAC compatible platforms such as OBS Studio, Skype, YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Zoom, and Teams.

In an all-in-one portable design, the switcher is housed in a robust metal case and has a 13.3" Full HD IPS display and familiar switching controls, including a T-bar. The display allows for multiview monitoring of six sources along with PVW and PGM with an audio meter. A clock and a menu list are also displayed in the bottom right corner.

Key Features
-Multiview output fixed at 1080p60; PGM scaled output selectable via a knob
-Two HDMI and four SDI inputs
-One HDMI and two SDI PGM outputs
-One HDMI and one SDI multiview outputs
-SDI AUX output can be selected as PGM or PVW
-UVC live streaming via USB 3.0 Type-C connection
-One 3.5mm stereo audio input; one RCA (L/R) input
-One 3.5mm stereo audio output; one RCA (L/R) output
-RJ45 LAN interface (for updates; synchronize local time)
-GPIO tally
-T-Bar/Auto/Cut transitions
-Mix/Fade/Wipe transition effects
-PiP mode with adjustable size and position
-FTB (fade to black) emergency button

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