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K&F 82mm, Nano-X, Black Diffusion Filter 1/4 ultra-clear

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Product Highlights
  • Reduces highlights and lowers glare.
  • The surface high-tech film is waterproof, scratch-resistant, and oil-proof, protects the black diffusion filter from all around, and extends the service life.
  • Imported Japanese AGC optical glass with double-side polishing technology ensures high definite image quality.
  • Soften wrinkles, blemishes, and pores while maintaining skin tone values, making wrinkles less noticeable.
  • Creates a soft quality of light and pastel effect, delicate and hazy cinematic effect, provides a soothing effect on skin tones.
  • Uses the K&F Concept nanometer coating process to protect the filter effect between two pieces of glass, dosen't affect image quality.
Other Options

K&F Concept Black Diffusion 1/4 Special Effect Filter

The K&F Concept black diffusion 1/4 filter with its unique 28 multi-layer coating, function effectively reduced the reflection that came from both the ground and the filter itself, ensuring the light transmittance to 84%. Even at its lowest density this black diffusion 1/4 filter can soft wrinkle and pores of human skin, it delivers an effective increase in the halation which adds a pleasing depth of warmth showing the delicate and hazy movie effect in images but is not transported to the skin tone values.