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Sony ECM-M1 Compact Shotgun Microphone

  • ₱22,100.00

  • 0% 3mos BDO, BPI, UNIONBANK, HSBC ₱7,366.67/mo.

Product Highlights
  • Content Creator, Podcaster, Videographer
  • For Sony Cameras with MI Shoe
  • Advanced Beamforming Technology
  • 8 Selectable Modes/Pickup Patterns
  • 2.8" Compact Design
  • Digital Audio Transmission to Camera
  • Mechanical Noise Suppression
  • Low-Cut Filter and Noise-Cut Filter
  • 4-Channels for Safety Recordings
  • Cable-Free Operation


Frequency Range 40 Hz to 20 kHz
Maximum SPL 120 dB SPL
Mount Camera/Shoe-Mount (via Integrated Hardware)
Polar Pattern Multi-Directional, Omnidirectional, Supercardioid, Unidirectional
Sensitivity -20 dBFS at 1 kHz
Sound Field Mono, Stereo
Output Connectors 1 x Sony Multi Interface Shoe (on Mic) USB & Digital Output


Dimension H: 2.8 x W: 1.6 x L: 2.5" / H: 72.2 x W: 40 x L: 64.4 mm
Weight 2.3 oz / 65 g (Microphone)

Eight Selectable Pickup Patterns and Recording Modes
Using an onboard dial control, choose between eight different recording modes, including stereo, to suit different recording scenarios. Because the embedded condensers are laid out in a diamond orientation, the ECM-M1 can isolate the left, right, rear, or front audio sources and record separate channels simultaneously. Selectable modes include superdirectional, unidirectional, omnidirectional, superdirectional (rear), superdirectional (front and rear), super directional (front and rear separate), stereo, and ultra-directional.

Superdirectional and Ultra-Directional: Focused Front Area
Ideal for vlogs or interviews where your subject in front of the camera is the main focus, the superdirectional pattern collects sound from a focused area in front of the microphone, effectively suppressing sounds from off-axis and behind the camera. Choose between front and rear superdirectional orientations. Ultra-directional compresses this area even further for a more limited pickup range.

Unidirectional: Wide Frontal Range
Perfect for multi-person conversations, the unidirectional pattern captures sound from a wide field in front of the microphone, while minimizing pickup from behind.

Omnidirectional: Sound from Any Direction
The omnidirectional pattern picks up audio equally from all directions, useful for recording environmental sounds or the voice of the camera operator.

Front and Rear Recording
Record from both the front and rear of the camera, a mode especially useful during interviews where you wish to capture the interviewer's voice or reactions. You can also pick up the front and rear audio in two separate channels for more intuitive adjustment during postproduction. This same technology allows you to record a stereo safety track automatically.

Noise Filters, Onboard Switch Control
Controls for pickup pattern, gain, and audio level are easy to reach on the rear and side panels and visible at a glance for quick adjustments during shooting. The ECM-M1's noise-cut filter and low-cut filter are very effective at reducing extraneous ambient noises and cutting out low-frequency noise through the use of digital signal processing algorithms, maximizing audio quality at the recording stage and reducing the need for complex post-processing.

Compact and Portable Mic
The microphone's 2.8" total length allows you to use it while wide-angle lenses, viewfinders, and gimbals where rig space is precious.

Cable-Free Connection, Vibration Suppressing Design
No cables are required for connection to a wide range of Sony cameras equipped with an MI shoe. The absence of connecting cables means that no noise can be transmitted to the microphone mechanically via cables and connectors. The ECM-M1 features an advanced shock- and vibration-suppressing design to effectively minimize low-frequency or handling noise, which can degrade audio quality.

Supplied Windscreen, Dust and Moisture Resistant
The ECM-M1 comes with a furry windshield that's easily detachable and effective with reducing wind noise for capturing crisp audio on outdoor shoots. Its dust and moisture resistant design makes it even more ideal for challenging weather conditions.