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VSGO DDL-1 Lens Cleaning Pen

  • ₱250.00

    • Soft and fine, no harm to camera
    • High-grade, anti-static nylon brush
    • Superfine microfiber cleaning cloth
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In The Box 1 pc professional lens pen L size, 1 pc microfiber camera cleaning cloth 5" x5"
Apply to clean camera lens, viewfinder, screen and other optical equipment. The brush head can also used to clean the seam of keyboard, piano, etc.

Soft and fine. No harm to camera.
High grade nylon brush head is fine and soft. Accurately sweep off dust in the seam of camera. No damage, no static.

High-grade nylon anti static.
Adopting high-grade nykon as material, brush hair soft and fine. Precisely sweep off dusts on camera body or in deep seam. No hurt to equipment and anti-static.

Nanometer materials high efficient cleaning.
Multilaminate nanoscale active carbon powder that can effectively absorb oil stain, fingerprint, dirt on lens without hurting coating. High-grade nylon brush head is fine and soft. Accurately sweep off dust in the seam of camera. No damage, no static. Please use blower to blow particle dusts away before cleaning in case particle dusts stratching lens.

Superfine microfiber. Super powerful cleaning ability.
Special craft processing microfiber cloth which can diretcly contact lens, sensor and other delicate surface. Superb cleaning ability easily remove stubborn stain, fingerprint and oil stain. Anti-static, vacuum package, clean and portable.

Pioneer vacuum packing in camera cleaning industry.
As the first one in this line to produce in clean-room and adopting vacuum packaging, VSGO is pursuing 0 pollution production for cleaning tools which will contact precision equipments. Independent vacuum packaging is also convenient and reliable.

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