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  • VSGO DDR-12 ILDC Cleaning Swab Kit  [Clearance]

VSGO DDR-12 ILDC Cleaning Swab Kit [Clearance]

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Product Highlights
  • Germany formula, Stable ingredient, Non corrosive, Non-toxic, Non Alcohol, Ultrapure mother liquid
  • Leak-proof bottle design
  • Vacuum packing
  • Superfine microfiber cleaning cloth as cleaning tongue piece
  • 12mm VSGO sensor swab 


Warranty No Warranty
In The Box 12 pcs. ILCD/MILC Frame Sensor cleaning swab, 0.5oz Sensor Cleaner
Remove stubborn stains.
Professional, safe, clean and high-efficient Germany sensor cleaning formula, can easily and safely remove stubborn stains on lens without hurting coating.

Super powerful cleaning ability.
VSGO cleaner are adopting the ultrapure water at the resistance of 18MΩ as mother liquid. Specialize for sensor cleaning, special gel-like texture with active cleaning ingredients. Even one drop can show its best performance, bring you the purest cleaning experience.

Microfiber excellent cleaning ability.
Dedicate for sensor cleaning, extraordinary cleaning ability. Adopting superfine microfiber cleaning cloth as cleaning tongue piece, precisely sweep off invisible dusts, particles. Enough to deal with the trouble of CCD/CMOS getting dirty in most cases.

Accurate size.
Each VSGO sensor cleaning swab has been precisely processed, completely fit camera sensor. You can choose the correct size swab for your sensor and make sensor cleaning handy with facility.