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  • VSGO DDA-3 Moline Air Blower

VSGO DDA-3 Moline Air Blower

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Product Highlights
  • Natural rubber material
  • Soft nozzle
  • Super powerful air inject
  • Microfiber excellent cleaning quality


Warranty No Warranty
In The Box 1 pc. Moline Air Blower
Small soft nozzle super power air stream 
Small soft nozzle prevent accidental damage in case of contact with lens, sensor and other delicate part. Environment silica gel material, non-toxic. Meet RoHS. standard. Powerful air stream that cab effectively blow away dust in the seam.
 - Environment Material 
 - Non- toxic 
 - Odorless
 - Super soft

Soft nozzle no hurt to precision equipment 
VSGO air blower, adopting speacial silical gel as nozzle material, no hurt to delicate sensor and lens, Accord with RoHs standard, integrated molding, no plastic powder generate inside, no secondary pollution 

Super powerful air inject 
VSGO hurricane air blower, adopting unique valve design, super powerful air inject, twice air presure can effectively blow away dust in deep seam, bring you the purest cleaning experience.

Microfiber excellent cleaning ability 
Dedicate for sensor cleaning, extraordinary cleaning ability. Adopting superfine microfiber cleaning cloth as cleaning tongue piece, precisely sweep off invisible dust , particles. Enough to deal with the trouble of CDD/CMOS getting dirty in most cases.

Pioneer vacuum packing in camera cleaning industry
As the first one in this line to produce in clean-room and adopting vacuum packing, VSGO is pursing 0 pollution production for cleaning tools which will contact precison equipments. Independent vacuum packing is also convenient and reliable.