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  • VSGO DKL-8 Professional Full Frame DSLR Cleaning Kit

VSGO DKL-8 Professional Full Frame DSLR Cleaning Kit

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    • All products manufactured in a CLEANROOM* environment
    • Vacuum Packaged
    • Assortment of cleaning tools
    • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, laser cut to prevent fiber residue
    • Microfiber tongue Sensor Cleaning Swabs, super fine and gentle on your camera’s sensor
    • Moline Air Blower, soft silica nozzle to prevent damage from accidental contact with lenses
    • Included Tutorial on CD
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Product Information


Warranty No Warranty
In The Box 1 x Moline Air Blower, 1 x Microfiber Lens Cloth 23x23cm, 6 x Full Frame Sensor Swab 24mm, 1 x Professional lens cleaning pen, 1 x Lens Cleaning Solution 15ml, 1 x Sensor Cleaning Solution 15ml, 1 x Cotton Swabs 8pk, 1 x CD
Apply to blow away dust on the surface or in the seam of camera lens,filter , viewfinder,sensor and other optical equipment. Also can used to clean the seam of piano, keyboard etc.

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