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  • NiSi V5 Square Camera Filter Holder Kit 100*100

NiSi V5 Square Camera Filter Holder Kit 100*100

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Product Highlights
  • NiSi 100mm System V5 Pro Filter Holder Kit support 52mm,55mm,58mm,62mm,67mm,72mm,77mm,82mm lens compatible with Lee Cokin Hitech Singh-Ray
  • Made from aviation-grade aluminum with single element processing by CNC machine.
  • With matte black frosted finish on the surface.
  • Patented technology Adjust the CPL by gear driving plate
  • Kits includes 1 pc CPL, 3 pcs adaptor rings


Type Filter Holders with Ring


Material Aviation aluminum
Warranty No Warranty
The NISI V5 SQUARE CAMERA FILTER HOLDER KIT 100*100 includes the NEW V5 100mm filter holder, an ultra slim 82mm Circular Polarizer, four separate adapter rings (67, 72, 77, 82mm), and a leather storage case. The 82mm adapter ring attaches directly to the filter holder and functions as a main adapter ring. The filter holder can be attached to a 67, 72, or 77mm lens by attaching the appropriate ring to the 82mm main adapter ring, making this one of the most versatile filter holders available. The Circular Polarizer attaches to the filter holder via the 82mm adapter ring which can than attach to each of the separate adapter rings, allowing the Circular Polarizer to be easily used on any of the four lens sizes included. The V5 filter holder features an exclusive patented design that allows the Circular Polarizer filter to rotate independently via a cog on the 82mm main adapter ring without disturbing other filters in use, meaning you no longer have to set your polarizer before inserting filters into the holder. Also included is a leather storage case for all items.