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Tilta Tiltaing Canon RF Mount to PL Mount Adapter with Adjustable Back Focus

  • ₱27,500.00

    1 x Tiltaing Canon RF Mount to PL Mount Adapter
    1 x Adjustable Back Focus Tool

  • 0% 3mos BDO, BPI, UNIONBANK, HSBC ₱9,166.67/mo.

Product Highlights
  • RF TO PL Adapter Mount Supports PL Lenses on RF Mounts
  • BACK FOCUS Adjustment Tool Allows for Perfect Calibration for Any Sensor
  • Compatible with Any ARRI Positive Lock Mount Lenses
  • COMPATIBLE with RED Komodo, Canon R5/R5C, and other RF Mount Cameras
  • ADDITIONAL SUPPORT via 1/4"-20 Thread and Optional Cage Specific Adapter Support


Material Aluminum-alloy

This Canon RF Mount to PL Mount Adapter allows users to mount PL Mount Lenses on camera bodies with Canon RF Mounts and adjust the back focus to accommodate different sensors via an included adjustment tool.

This PL Mount offers the same incredibly secure industry standard connection as our previous version and allows users to mount most high end cinema lenses on their RED Komodo, Canon R5/R5C or any other RF Mount Camera Body.

The included Back Focus Adjustment Tool allows you to easily adjust the back focus on this adapter, ensuring you are getting the sharpest image possible on any RF Mount sensor.

The markings on the Adjustment Tool make it easy to quickly change the back focus for different camera bodies once you have already found the perfect back focus for various sensors.

The ARRI Positive Lock design provides a fast and secure connection which saves time on set and provides increased assurance.

The 1/4″-20 thread on the bottom of this adapter is compatible with our optional adapter supports for different camera cages.

This creates an additional point of contact between the adapter and your camera cage in order to ensure a strong connection between the lens and camera body.,/p>

This is especially helpful for when you are using heavier lenses or when when using wireless follow focus motors.