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  • VSGO DKL-6 Multifunctional Camera Cleaning Kit

VSGO DKL-6 Multifunctional Camera Cleaning Kit

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    • All products manufactured in a CLEANROOM* environment
    • Vacuum Packaged
    • Assortment of cleaning tools
    • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, laser cut to prevent fiber residue
    • APS-C sized Sensor Swabs
    • Microfiber tongue Sensor Cleaning Swabs, super fine and gentle on your camera’s sensor
    • Hurricane Air Blower, soft silica nozzle to prevent damage from accidental contact with lenses
    • Portable carry bag
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Product Information


Warranty No Warranty
In The Box 1 x Hurricane Air Blower, 1 x Microfiber Lens Cloth 15x15cm, 2 x APS-C Sensor Swab 16mm, 1 x Professional lens cleaning pen, 1 x Cleaning Brush, 2 x Wet Wipes, 1 x Lens Cleaning Tissues 50pk, 1 x Cotton Swabs 8pk, 1 Portable bag
Lens Cleaner---Based on Germany technology. Safe, environmental and reliable.
Excellent cleaning ability that can easily remove stubborn stains, fingerprints, oil stains and other stains.
Lens Cleaning Cloth---Apply to clean camera lens and LCD screen.
Adopting microfiber as material which is much thinner to fit optical component surface.
Wedge-shaped microfiber that can safely and efficiently clean up tiny dusts, stubborn stains, fingerprints and oil stains.
No static occur during wiping.
Dustless Cotton Swab---Adopting special cotton and environmental rod as materials, no dusts, no fiber drop. Can deeply clean the unreachable parts, such as camera hot shoe. good hydroscopicity and excellent cleaning ability.
Portable Bag---Convenient to store cleaning tools, very portable!
Professional cleaning for camera sensor, lens, screen and camera body. Can also clean mobile phone, Pad and other digital products

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