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  • Sirui Tripod N-1004

Sirui Tripod N-1004

  • ₱5,270.00

  • SRP

  • 0% 3mos BDO, HSBC, BPI ₱1,756.67/mo.

Product Highlights
  • One Leg Unscrews to Become Monopod
  • Forged Aluminum Chassis
  • Rapid/Reversible Center Column
  • Short Center Column for Low-Angle Shots
  • Weighs Just 2.6 lb


Load Capacity 26.5 lb (12 kg)
Max Height Tripod: 61.4" (156.0 cm), Monopod: 64.0" (162.6 cm)
Min Height Tripod: 6.3" (16.0 cm), Monopod: 16.5" (42.0 cm)
Retracted/Folded Height Legs reversed: 17.3" (44.0 cm), Legs folded down: 20.1" (51.0 cm)
Leg Sections 3/4
Leg Lock Type Twist Lock


Color Black
Material Aluminum
Warranty 6 Years Manufacturer

The N-1004 features a leg that unscrews and attaches to a second included mounting plate to form a monopod.

Reaching a maximum height of 61.4", the tripod itself is quite versatile in its own right – the N-1004 weighs just 2.6 lb but supports up to 26.5 lb thanks to its thick upper leg sections and forged aluminum construction. It's suitable for use with just about any head and any 35mm camera, DSLR, point & shoot, or camcorder.

The compact N-1004 tripod's legs fold upward 180° to achieve a relatively compact folded length of 17.3" – even with many camera head models attached. The entire package stays very compact to fit comfortably in most carry-on bags and many backpacks.

The tripod's center column is reversible, and the N-1004 comes with a short center column so that you can set up extremely close to the ground for ultra-low-angle shooting. With the short center column installed, you can set the legs at their wide angle (80°) and shoot from only 6.3" from the ground.

Forged aluminum results in stronger components than the traditional casting process that's often used for tripod chassis. Forging leads to more compacted metal and enhances the integrity of metal grains so they remain consistent and continuous. This leads to a longer product life and better performance

An anodizing surface treatment, produced by an electrolytic oxidation process to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of metal parts, is applied to increase corrosion & wear resistance and surface hardness, and to enhance color durability

Minimal diameter difference between each leg section for greater overall stability

Silicone twist locks for leg stages

Anti-leg rotation system makes setup faster

Automatic leg-angle lock mechanism for speed and convenience – independently lock legs into place at three different angles: 23°, 52° & 80°

Short center column allows the tripod to reach extremely low positions – minimum height of 6.3"

An additional mounting plate attaches to the unscrewed monopod leg to mount a camera. A wrist strap is included for security in case the operator's grip slips

Leg warmer on the monopod leg facilitates handling in extreme weather conditions and helps protect it

Center column hook allows you to add a ballast for a sturdier setup in windy conditions

Reversible 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16 screw on mounting plate enables the attachment of virtually any camera, camcorder, or head

Well-designed padded travel bag with sturdy shoulder strap for carrying