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  • MyMyk Windshield for SmartMyk

MyMyk Windshield for SmartMyk

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    • Slips On and Attaches Easily
    • Open Cell Design
    • Reticulated Foam
    • Fur Cover
    • Reduces Wind Noise by up to 20 db

    **Camera & Microphone not included, for visual purpose only.

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Product Information


Dimension Internal Core Diameter: 0.4" (10 mm); External Length including Fur Cover: 5.9" (150 mm); Diameter including Fur Cover: 3.15" (80 mm)
Warranty No Warranty

The gray Windshield is a slip-on softie windscreen from MyMyk that is custom made to fit the SmartMyk Microphone. The softie is made by Rycote and has an open-cell core design that is made with reticulated acoustic foam to ensure sound is not impeded or attenuated. It also has a fur cover that provides wind protection and is designed to reduce the effects of wind attacks by up to 20 db without any adverse high-frequency loss. Both the acoustic foam and synthetic fur are made from materials which are specially designed to withstand moisture damage. The fur cover can also withstand UV exposure when used in an open-air environment. The windshield is built with special synthetic adhesives and assembly techniques so as to make it durable in providing wind and weather protection for your microphone.