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  • Fujifilm TG-BT1 Tripod Grip with Bluetooth

Fujifilm TG-BT1 Tripod Grip with Bluetooth

  • ₱9,990.00

  • 0% 3mos BDO, BPI, CITI, HSBC ₱3,330.00/mo.

Product Highlights
  • TG-BT1 is 172.3mm/6.78 inches in height (legs retracted) and weighs approximately 205.5 grams (excluding battery).
  • TG-BT1 is weather resistant.
  • The maximum load of TG-BT1 is 1.5 kg/53.0 oz (maximum combined weight of attached camera and accessories).


Load Capacity 1.5kg/53.0 oz (maximum combined weight of attached camera and accessories)


Compatibility Compatible models and the firmware versions are; X-T5 (Ver.1.00 or later), X-T4 (Ver.1.70 or later), X-T3 (Ver.4.50 or later), X-S10 (Ver.2.60 or later), X-T30 II (Ver.1.20 or later), X-T30 (Ver.1.50 or later). X-H2S and X-H2 are planned to be compatible via the firmware update in January 2023.
Dimension Legs retracted: 48.0mm x 172.3mm x 38.3mm (1.89in x 6.78 in x 1.51 in) ; Legs extended: 145.9mm x 132.3mm x 163.4mm (5.74in x 5.21in x 6.43in, excluding projections)

The TG-BT1 is a grip for FUJIFILM X Series cameras and enhances mobility and camera’s hold while adding the functionality as a tripod. By attaching the TG-BT1 to a camera, you can comfortably take selfie and low angle shots, which are usually difficult to hold in position. When used as a tripod, the TG-BT1 can be used for wide range of applications from shooting tabletop still image shots to group shots. By pairing the “TG-BT1” with a compatible camera via Bluetooth, remote shooting operation will be enabled, providing a more flexible shooting experience.

Compatibility: X-T5 / X-T4 / X-T3 / X-S10 / X-T30 II / X-T30

By pairing with a compatible camera via Bluetooth, the remote shooting operation for both stills and movies will be enabled. When a lens equipped with power zoom is attached, the T/W button can be used for zoom operation