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Fujifilm EVF-TL1 EVF Tilt Adapter [Pre-Order]

  • ₱26,999.00

  • 0% 3mos BDO, BPI, UNIONBANK, HSBC ₱8,999.67/mo.

Product Highlights
  • Mounts Between GFX Camera and EVF
  • Adjust Angle of Viewfinder
  • +/- 45° Horizontal Movement
  • 0-90° Vertical Movement
  • Compatible with GFX100 II / GFX100 / GFX 50S


Compatibility GFX100 II / GFX100 / GFX 50S
Weight 160 g

By mounting this accessory between the camera body and EVF unit, the mounting angle of the EVF can be changed to angles from 0°∼90° when shooting horizontal landscapes and from -45°∼+45° when shooting in the portrait position. Doing so will allow the user to shoot from various angles while using the viewfinder, greatly increasing freedom of camera positions and the range of expressions.